File quality is very important

Vector artwork is best for larger backdrops as graphic quality remains the same at all sizes.

If sending pixel-based graphics your image should be a minimum of 90 dpi at full backdrop size.

correct dpi quality image quality below 90dpi

Your image should be exactly how want your backdrop to look so please make sure your logo etc is positioned exactly where you want it and that any background colour is included.

Backdrop Studio will check your image file carefully and will notify you if we notice any problem whatsoever.
We won't print it if the quality isn't good enough as neither you nor us want a blurry out-of-focus backdrop.

We accept most file types including those below:

If the file type you use is not listed then send it to us anyway - it is more than probable we can access it.

How to send us your file...

Simply email and inlcude your file as an attachment.
If your file is over 10MB, or you're experiencing problems sending it via email, either put it on a CD / DVD or use one of the many websites that allow large file transfers eg:


Let us help.

If you don't have a file of good enough quality all is not lost.

Backdrop Studio can alter your artwork to make it the correct quality or design your artwork for you from scratch.

Backdrop Studio will look after you. Email us to discuss your requirements.

Graphic design work is charged at £50/hr.